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Whether a construction or utility truck, big rig or delivery vehicle, truck drivers have come to expect a high level of cab comfort in their vehicles—especially when the space must serve as transportation, an office, or even living quarters. Storage drawers and pullout work surfaces are just the start of where Accuride heavy-duty ball bearing slide products maximize limited space.

Application Ideas:

  • Heavy-duty equipment drawers or trays
  • Toolboxes
  • Battery carriers
  • Vertical pullout panels for tool storage
  • And much more!

Options & features available:

  • Lock-In: Holds drawers securely closed while on the move.
  • Lock-Out: Safely holds pullouts in position for access or servicing.
  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel:  Special finishes provide corrosion resistance & long-lasting performance under all conditions.
  • Heavy-Duty Touch-Release: Holds drawers closed until pressed.
  • Heavy-Duty Self-Closing: Ensures drawers come to a close & stay closed.

Click here for more details on the special features listed above.

Here is a PDF that highlights a few products well suited to utility vehicle applications:  Mobile Solutions

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