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Several factors come into play when designing and building something with movement. We've put together some valuable information to consider when selecting the perfect Accuride slides for your projects:

  • General Information - Mounting, unit construction, side space and environmental factors
  • Slide Testing - How we test our slide products
  • Special Features - Descriptions of available special features

General Information

Slide Testing

Testing varies based on market applications. Performance can be affected by factors unique to a specific application, so testing slides in the intended application is recommended. See below for specific industry test details.

Special Features

Here is a helpful overview of special features. As always, be sure your slide is appropriate for the drawer's width and potential load.

FeaturePurposeHow it WorksBenefit / Value


Example(s): 3832DO, 2109, Keyboard Tray Systems


Holds drawers or shelves in an extended position.


A detent is a crimp in the drawer member that creates resistance. It is not a lock, but provides stability in light use situations.



Helps ensure safe access for pull-out shelves used for work surfaces or storage drawers.


Example(s): 3641


Allows only one drawer to open at a time.


A locking mechanism that is connected to stacked drawers and allows only one drawer at a time to open.



Designed for wide, lateral files, this feature helps prevent tipping of filing cabinets.


Example(s): 2907WB, 340, 3307, 9307


Locks slide in an extended position.


The locking mechanism will not release until a lever is actuated.


Good for pull-out work surfaces, printer shelves, supply drawers, toolboxes, and work surfaces.



Example(s): 9308


Locks slide in a closed position.


The locking mechanism will not release until a lever is actuated.


Good for mobile applications in utility trucks, emergency vehicles, RVs, watercraft, and trailers.


Over travel

Example(s): 3834, 3634, 3640, 301-2590, 7434


Allows drawers to extend fully out and beyond the cabinet box.


The slide is designed to safely travel in excess of its length.


Over travel provides full access to drawer contents. It is helpful in applications where the drawer is recessed under a countertop.



Example(s): 3832SC


Ensures drawers close and stay closed.


A spring mechanism activated during the last inch or so of the inward travel grabs the drawer and pulls it closed.



Ensure drawers close and stay closed, preventing drawers from rolling open.

Touch Release

Example(s): 3832TR, 3832HDTR


Keeps drawers in a closed position until activated by touch.


A spring mechanism is actuated when the drawer front is depressed by 1/16". The drawer is propelled open about 2".


Environments where the aesthetics or ergonomics of knob-less drawer fronts are desired, or mobile applications such as carts, RVs, or watercraft.


Two-Way Travel

Example(s): 2002, 0363


Provides access from both sides of the installation


Slide has a center detent extends in both directions.


Pass-through shelves in residential or commercial kitchens, or applications such as medical or supply carts, shared work surfaces, drive-through windows.


Under / Flat-mount

Example(s): 1029, 3132EC, 3634, 7957, 9301


Conceals slides, eliminates side space requirements


Slides are mounted on the bottom of the drawer.


Good for environments where the aesthetics of concealed slides are desired.


Weather-Resistant Finish

Example(s): CH3832 and available by special order.


Prevents corrosion in humid environments.


A special coating provides 8 times more resistance than the standard zinc finish.



Prevents corrosion in environments where there is indirect exposure to humidity.