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Multiple Options in Cutting-Edge Secure Access

Our access control solutions are backed by over 50 years of proven know-how and a global team of engineers, ensuring you maximum up-time. Whether you want plug-in stand-alone access control or a customized system engineered for your project, we can provide you a reliable, effective, and trouble-free solution.

Accuride offers you multiple options in secure access solutions:

Senseon Cabinet Level Access Control

Senseon Secure Access

Senseon Secure Access is a complete hidden access control system for cabinetry. Its professional grade security protects contents in all types of business, institution and residential environments. It offers options to secure every type of cabinet opening including drawers, hinged cabinet doors and sliding doors.


Accuride Integrated Access Solutions

Accuride Integrated Access Solutions

Accuride Integrated Access Solutions is ideal for Original Equipment Manufacturers that need electro-mechanical access control solutions tailor-made for large-scale or unique applications. Our global team of engineers work directly with OEMs to help identify the best access control solution for their project.