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Why Accuride slides?

Because you deserve the highest quality sliding hardware.

Selecting hardware may not be as glamorous as choosing decorative pulls or the perfect finish, but it is an integral part of what makes your purchase a valuable investment that will last for many years.

Really? Does it make that much difference?

Cabinetry or furniture is an investment, perhaps even a future family heirloom—and you want the drawers to work reliably. Why risk having the hardware fail and potentially damage a fine piece of cabinetry? Quality hardware is key to long-lasting performance.

What makes Accuride products so special?

With more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of cabinet hardware, Accuride backs products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees against defects in materials and workmanship. You can be assured that manufacturers who choose Accuride slides have made an important investment in quality hardware.

Special Slide Options

Be sure to ask about Accuride ball bearing drawer slides with special features such as:

  • Easy-Close - Do you want drawers to come to a soft and gentle close? Ask about our slides with Easy-Close, one of today's most popular features.
  • Touch Release - Do you like the look of simple, clean drawer fronts? Or, do you have a family member who has difficulty grasping knobs or handles? Then our touch-release products are the answer. A gentle press on the drawer front releases the drawer and propels it outward about 2 inches.

Beyond Drawer Slides

Aside from a wide variety of drawer slides, Accuride also offers specialty motion solutions designed to move doors, panels, shelving units, and computer or televisions screens.

  • Mechanical Screen Lift - Accuride’s Ascent is a push-to-operate lift perfect for tucking small screens into cabinetry and casework installed in home offices, family rooms, or bedrooms.
  • Flipper Door Slides® - Also known as pocket door slides, these products allow doors to retract into cabinetry vertically or horizontally over the top of storage spaces. You'll find our flipper door slides in fine furniture, as well as kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom cabinetry.

Click here for more information about the features and components of Accuride slides.

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