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Need help explaining to customers what a slide can do?

Here you’ll find a selection of videos and animations that help demonstrate how some of the more unique Accuride products operate.

Enhanced 9300 Family

116RC Heavy-Duty Track System

116RC Heavy-Duty Door System

3135EC Eclipse Undermount

3160EC Eclipse Undermount

3634 Easy-Close

115RC Easy-Close

AL4190 Tilt-Track System

AL4190 - Tilting Slide Components

Linear Motion Guide for Machine Guard

Enhanced 3832 Easy-Close

10EL & 38EL - Electronic Lock

9308 Lock Feature

10EL Installation

38EL Installation


Ascent CB-Lift

Model 0363 for 2-Way Travel (in Wall)

Model 0363 for 2-Way Travel (on Cart)

Easy-Close Feature

Touch Release Feature

Self-Close Feature