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A fellow in Ireland came up with this clever application to take advantage of the space beneath a staircase by adding customized pullout storage.

Since then he has been developing and improving the concept, trying out different drawer slides to find the best solution. Some improvements are visual, such as door finish and handles, while others are to improve storage capabilities. He's also used slides with various features such as touch release (held closed until drawer front is pressed to open) and self-closing (closes drawers and keeps them closed) to enhance his designs.

A pair of slides is mounted at the base of the unit and a single slide is mounted at the top to stabilize and guide the movement of the pullout units. Depending on the load and shape of the drawer, Paul has used a combination of products, some of which include Accuride's 3832 Heavy-Duty Touch Release (for units without handles) and Model 9301. Another possible pairing for this application: models 7957 and 3832 Heavy-Duty Self-Closing.