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undefinedThe Tera 100 super computer is made of 220 electronic enclosures, with each enclosure containing 20 servers. The Tera 100 program is the result of a close collaboration between Bull and the Military Applications Department of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy (the CEA).

This computer is used for the CEA/Military Applications Division Simulation program and is the most powerful system ever designed and developed in Europe.

Access to each of the servers required reliable electronic enclosure slides. Accuride’s 2907 server slide was selected for its low profile. It carries chassis from 1 to 4U, loads up to 115 lbs., and has over travel to provide easy access to the front, back, and sides of chassis.

The product has a lock-out function to hold the chassis stable while servicing, and a lever disconnect provides trouble-free chassis removal and reinsertion. Adjustable brackets are included in the standard packaging.