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Advanced Technology: Electronic Locking Mechanism

The Electronic locking mechanisms are a simple all-in-one solution that eliminates multiple components from projects, saving time, money, and space. All the components needed are integrated into Accuride slides, providing a versatile and sophisticated locking system that is virtually "plug and play". 

Operation Modes

  • Kick-Out: When unlocked, the latch releases, and the drawer is automatically propelled open about 2 inches. The mechanism resets and locks automatically upon drawer closure.
  • Lock Only: Drawers are opened manually after the slide is unlocked. The drawer has unlimited access until the lock is activated once again.

Sensor Feedback

Provides an output signal that can be used to indicate drawer status: whether it is locked or unlocked; or, open or fully closed and ready to be locked. This output also provides a means to track access.

Activation Modes

  • RF Programmed Access
  • Smart Key, ID Cards, or Badges
  • Biometric
  • Keypad