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The latest trend in server designs is wide chassis in the 435–438 mm range. Accuride has developed special profiles with a width of 7.2 mm to accommodate this demand. These super narrow slides also have a low profile height that fits 1U and 2U chassis and will carry up to 77 lbs.  The products are available in partial extension and over travel to offer the access needed to service chassis.

When it comes to chassis mounting, whether you prefer a "keyhole" mount or "drop and lock" is more your style, Accuride has worked with OEMs to develop quick and easy solutions to speed up the mounting process.

As for mounting slides to the rack, our universal bracket solutions are developed to provide versatility. We have designed reversible brackets that accommodate both square and round holes.

If tapped holes are more your style, we can accommodate that as well with the addition of our universal thumbscrew, which adapts to all hole types.

And, don't forget cable management...we've developed custom tool-less CMAs. One of our recent designs included plastic components to keep shipping weight and costs down for our client.

Whatever your server specifications may be Accuride has the expertise to develop a solution for you.