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undefinedA major refrigeration company approached Accuride with a problem. They had been using telescopic slides for the drawers mounted to the case with screws. Installation was awkward and time-consuming. The manufacturer needed a better solution.

The drawers needed to carry more that 100 pounds; therefore, the slide needed to be robust enough to cope with the intended load and anticipated abuse by the end users.

Other requirements included:

  • Easy drawer removal (for cleaning)
  • Over travel to ensure the drawer fully cleared the case
  • A high quality experience for the user

Accuride was able to design and manufacture a heavy-duty slide based on the 3600 profile that met the disconnect and travel requirements and addressed the mounting issue with the addition of pocket and bayonets. The addition of pocket/bayonet mounting has reduced assembly time for the manufacturer, which is an important factor in the selection of this solution.

Accuride performed accelerated testing of drawer opening/closing with typical operating loads based on the manufacturer's specifications.

These refrigerated drawer units can be found in many high-end restaurants, as well as in the fast-food sector, providing energy and space efficient refrigeration solutions.