Enhanced, heavy-duty drawer slide from Accuride International was recently added to the Into The Wild Overland trailer.

“I like to think of this trailer as a Swiss Army knife on wheels,” said Matt Reichel, founder of Into The Wild Overland.

The 300-cubic-foot camper comes equipped with 100 watts of solar power, hot water, electric brakes, and a pull-out sink, stove and fridge/freezer in a kitchen out back.

Each kitchen amenity sits on a drawer slide, which must be able to carry hundreds of pounds, lock in place securely, and withstand vibration over rough terrain.

“I was messing around with a lower-quality brand of slides that were difficult to install and became a tremendous hassle, requiring untold man-hours and go-backs,” Reichel said. “That’s why I chose Accuride.”

A switch to Accuride’s recently-upgraded 9308 Heavy-Duty Lock-In & Lock-Out Slides has made a dramatic difference.

“Incorporating these slides has proved critical to the space-saving design and success of the trailer,” Reichel said. “The Accuride slides stand up to the rigors of off-roading and support the weight of a full kitchen. I’ve saved thousands of dollars in labor, and I can’t put a price on satisfied customers.”

“Our expert engineers invested more than 10,000 hours in designing, testing and re-imagining our 9300 family of slides to help our customers push the boundaries,” said Sid Kalantar senior VP of sales and marketing at Accuride. “The slides are ideal for tight spaces and off-road travel. They support up to 600 pounds, outperforming other slides in their class in benchmark testing. A user unlocks our slide with just one push of a tab, and a lock-in/lock-out feature keeps an accessory securely closed or open.”

This article first appeared on RVPRO.com - https://rv-pro.com/news/overland-trailer-adds-accuride-slides