Affordable, Lightweight, Easy Solution Provides Movement to Last, Even in the Harshest Conditions

SANTA FE SPRINGS, California, Nov. 30, 2017 – Accuride® International today announced availability in North America of the FG115 Friction Guide System. This affordable, lightweight, easy-to-install and low-maintenance linear track system brings smooth, reliable slide movement to automated machinery in factories, labs and many other industrial environments.

“After a strong reception from distributors and customers in Europe, we are pleased to launch the FG115 in the United States and Canada,” said Claudia Tuttle,Accuride Marketing Manager. “This cost-effective product is built to last, even in harsh conditions. Composed of aluminum and plastic, the FG115 resists corrosion and withstands moisture, dirt and debris.”

Simplicity and Options

The FG115 is designed simply, with only two core components: a rail and a carriage.

Customers have options for both of these elements. They may choose rail lengths of 1 or 2 meters, as well as select from three types of carriages:

  • Non-Adjust, for when movement or clearance do not need to be adjusted
  • Manual Adjust, for when adjustment is needed for the perfect clearance or preload
  • Auto-Adjust, for when constant preload force is needed for the life of the system

Numerous Applications

  • The FG115 is well-suited to multiple applications, including:
  • Material-handling machines packaging automation
  • Medical and lab equipment – including tables for radiation
  • Scanning devices – botting and lab machines
  • Machine guards – sliding safety guard
  • Special vehicles – pickup-truck platforms
  • Interior design– vertical seat-back support
  • Robotics – vertical movement inside a machine
  • Radiation therapy – tables
  • 3D printing – inside a print machine

To learn more, talk to your local Accuride distributor, visit the product pagesee the FG115 blog and download the technical sheet or detailed CAD file.

About Accuride® International:

Accuride International is the leading global manufacturer of undermount and side movement solution. For over 50 years, Accuride has produced heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty slides or major industries, including residential and automotive. Accuride is also the leading producer of specialty slides.