The product was redesigned to provide greater tolerances to accommodate construction and material variances, and ease installation.

Accuride announces the release of the enhanced 3832 Easy-Close (EC) slide, which has been re-engineered to include new features, while offering smoother movement and superior soft-close action. Many components were refined to eliminate drag and friction, which has significantly enhanced the slide’s movement.

Additionally, the slide better absorbs variances in cabinet construction and materials, easing the installation process. When cabinets and drawers are out of square, or if material thicknesses vary, it can cause compression of the slide, which results in operational issues related to drawer closure and the damper mechanism. The new 3832EC design mitigates compression issues, operating smoothly and reliably despite variances in the mounting space between the drawer and the cabinet up to 1/16".

Another result of the redesign is the consistent and reliable soft-close capability of the product. Every aspect of the Easy-Close mechanism was reshaped, resized, or replaced to enrich the soft-close action. The mechanism housing material has been strengthened and new stronger springs have been incorporated. These changes contribute to closure that is smoother and more gradual.

“Real world cabinet construction isn’t always as perfect as we’d all like it to be and inconsistency in material thicknesses can be a problem,” says Accuride Marketing Manager, Claudia Tuttle. “Accuride was committed to redesigning the 3832EC to make it forgiving of these variations. At the same time, we took the opportunity to refine the movement and Easy-Close mechanism to take this slide to the next level of performance.”

Breathing tabs with mounting holes have been added at the back of the slide for side mounting or installation in frameless-style cabinets. The breathing tabs also help offset construction and material variances and provide greater stability. Another new feature is the addition of a front face-frame mounting hole, which allows the front of the slide to be mounted directly to the face frame, eliminating the need for a front bracket.

“Everyone in business is on the lookout for ways to reduce labor and material costs. The simple addition of a front face frame hole helps our customers improve their bottom line,” says Tuttle.

Model 3832EC offers a 100-pound load rating. It is full extension and the Easy-Close action brings drawers to a smooth and gentle close. This product is a good choice for cabinetry and casework found in libraries, schoolrooms, laboratories or hospitals, and high-end retail stores. In residential applications, the quiet performance is valued in nearly every part of the home.

The 3832EC has a lever disconnect and Accuride’s signature cam adjustment, which allows installers to alter the vertical position of the drawer front to set reveals. It is available in even lengths of 14" to 28", in clear zinc or black electroplate finishes.

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