Accuride announces the introduction of Model 3600, another new heavy-duty slide option for the woodworking industry.

This product offers full extension, includes a hold-in detent, and carries loads up to 200 pounds. It is a non-disconnecting slide, which is useful in applications where heavy drawers are not intended to be removed from cabinets as a measure of safety, such as in medical or educational settings.
Designed for drawers up to 42-inches-wide, Model 3600 is available in even lengths of 12" to 28" in a clear zinc finish. It is designed for wide drawers and trays, bulk storage bins, or pullout shelving units in commercial and residential environments.

Accuride International designs and manufactures RoHS-compliant precision slide products for a variety of applications in cabinetry and casework. The company has six locations worldwide and all manufacturing facilities adhere to quality management systems registered to ISO 9001:2008.