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You'll find Accuride ball bearing slides used in machinery and manufacturing facilities to provide movement, access, and positioning for:

  • Pullout components or chassis within equipment
  • Shields, machine guards, and work surfaces
  • Diagnostic or auditing computer screens and equipment
  • Large components and assemblies

Fitting Features

Special features such as lock-out will hold moving units in a secure position for access or servicing. And for wet, humid, or hot conditions, Accuride offers aluminum and stainless steel slides that are corrosion-resistant and have special grease formulations.

From performing as non-load-bearing guides in precision equipment to stillages carrying hundreds of pounds safely across a factory floor, Accuride has a range of solutions for industrial machinery and manufacturing.

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More Solutions

Application Solutions

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Heavy-duty Slides in a Letter Sorting Machine

This letter-sorting machine is an easy-to-operate system designed to sort and sequence large mail volumes. 

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