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1.0 AIA/HSW Credit

Dive into selecting the best sliding hardware for your project. Whether you just need the basics of slide selection, or have more specialty options in mind, this course will give you the terminology and understanding you need to make successful decisions.

Do you need a slide with a disconnect feature? What about Hold-In or Hold-Out Detent? By the end of this course you’ll know the right slide terminology to use to specify the right type of movement solution for your unique application. Find out why you might need some lesser-known features and understand how to weigh the benefits or tradeoffs of each decision.

After this course you’ll understand:

  • Basic slide terminology
  • How to analyze slide selection criteria
  • Choices available in specialty slide products
  • How to specify slide products

This course is for architects, specifiers, designers, owners, and other design professionals of all level of experience.

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