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Extreme Cases makes tough technical cases for mission-critical equipment in extreme environments. The cases and enclosures are built and tested to the most punishing military and commercial standards, so when they designed a new ruggedized interactive presentation and planning tool they recognized the need for equally tough components to incorporate into the case.

In this case, the case was built to hold Smart BeamTM unit, which is designed to be used in the toughest of environments. The unit can be quickly and easily set up to make any surface interactive—including a table top. The rugged and lightweight case needs to be highly portable as well.

Accuride’s CBHand Locking Handle kit has double handle with a push button release that provides lock-in and lock-out for absolute stability during use. The handle kit has been specifically designed for areas where lightweight and corrosion resistant materials are needed in tough or mobile applications.

Easy access and fast deployment are also critical. The quick slide out mechanism is supplied by a pair of model 3301 slides, which have a load rating up to 150 lbs. and offer over travel for complete access to the unit.

The SMART BEAM™ allows collaborative work on documents or multimedia files on any surface to make group projects and activities truly interactive. 


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