Invisible Senseon Secure Access™ system reduces theft risk while maximizing productivity, revenue, and customer experience.

Senseon Secure Access™ system reduces theft risk while maximizing productivity, revenue, and customer experience. Santa Fe Springs, CA—Accuride International is excited to unveil Senseon Secure Access™, a new brand of commercial-grade access control systems for cabinets, furniture, and fixtures. Simply tapping an RFID card over a proximity reader unlocks the cabinet, enabling quick and easy access without compromising security.

“In an active work environment such as a retail store or hospital, time and security are of the essence,” says Greg Rewers, Program Director. “Senseon helps you maximize your effectiveness as a business while securing valuable merchandise, cash, sensitive documents or medication. For example, in a retail setting every moment you can spend with a customer increases improves their experience and the stores chances of making a sale.”

Designed specifically for use in commercial environments, Senseon was designed with three things in mind.

1) Senseon is easy-to-use.

2) Senseon is easy-to-install.

3) Senseon is easy-to-program.

Senseon is a commercial grade access control system meant to last for the lifetime of the cabinet, furniture or fixture. Every Senseon proximity reader can control up to 15 doors or drawers. The reader can be completely hidden or surface mounted. Some configurations will allow a user to open the desired door or drawer with just a touch after unlocking the cabinet.

Senseon could soon make cumbersome key rings a thing of the past for a wide range of business and government markets including retail, hospitality, healthcare, finance, and office environments requiring secure storage to protect valuables or meet compliance regulations.

This innovative new concept also opens up limitless possibilities for cabinet designers and makers by eliminating the need for visible locks. The system is flexible enough that openings can be arranged in any configuration, making it easy to incorporate Senseon seamlessly into any design. Doors and drawers can be built with or without visible hardware, enhancing the end user’s brand identity.

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