For years, the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers’ annual fair has been North America’s largest exposition solely for woodworking professionals.

 You can bet Accuride we’ll be at this year’s event to show you the latest and greatest in premium movement solutions. With our new display center, you’ll be able to interact with all our products in different environments—helping you to gain ideas for your own applications.

 Among the products at this year’s show:


  • The recently enhanced 3800 medium- and newly enhanced 9300 heavy-duty series of drawer slides. Updated designs and improve engineering mean these slides feature smoother movement and allow for more mounting options.  The 9300 goes a step farther: It boasts a 600-lb. load rating—a 20% increase from before. Discover why these two acclaimed slide series have long been mainstays in woodworking.
  • The new generation of Eclipse Easy-Close Undermount Slides. Available in two versions: 3135EC for widths up to 30 in. and 3160EC for widths up to 60 in. The Accuride Eclipse Series is the only series of slides designed to accommodate widths up to 60 in. (Note: A companion stabilizer kit is needed for drawers 41 to 60 in. wide.)
  • The all-new 116RC heavy-duty linear track system. Made from corrosion-resistant materials, the 116RC uses 7-in. cassettes with modular tracks available in lengths of 94.5 in. or 141.7 in. This ADA-compliant system makes sliding movable walls and counter-tops a breeze. An optional kit lets you apply the 116RC to barn doors and other sliding entryways.
  • Senseon Secure Access, a modular, RFID-powered access control system designed to protect and allow easy, selective access. This lean and energy efficient system can be easily and seamlessly integrated into cabinetry and case work. 


Come visit an Accuride expert at our all-new displays at Booth #4601. In the meantime, you can preview our AWFS display on our blog at