The 3832ESC and 3832EHDSC, members of Accuride’s flagship 3800 family of slides, have been enhanced with more versatility, flawless movement and new installation features.


Santa Fe Springs, CA ¾ Just because something is a classic doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. That’s why Accuride has enhanced their classic 3800 family of slides to make the slide movement smoother and more reliable. Plus, to provide additional mounting options, Accuride added a face frame mounting hole.


For years, the 3832SC and 3832HDSC were the preferred slides for industrial applications and projects that required a reliable self-closing/stay closed action. In fact, these slides performed flawlessly for industrial workstations, medical carts, vehicular applications and in environments with high impact and vibrations.


So why and how did Accuride make these slides better? 


The “why” part can be answered in one simple answer:  Because Accuride is always looking for ways to improve the quality, performance and longevity of its products.


Now to the “how” …


First, they made the product last longer by modifying the slide design. Customers expect slides to stand the test of time and hold up to frequent use.  After all, nobody wants to constantly replace slides.  So to improve the already long life of an Accuride slide, engineers increased ball bearing support. Now instead of 8 ball bearings, slides can have up to 30 ball bearings. 


Second, they improved the slide movement. Smoother and more reliable, these enhanced slides perform even better than the previous ones. Customers will find opening and closing drawers will be easier and more fluid.


Third, Accuride customers don’t want to limit how they mount our slides.  That’s why Accuride added a face frame mounting hole to give customers more mounting options.


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