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The invisible Senseon™ Secure Access system by Accuride reduces theft risk while improving customer experience. This highly-customizable access control system enables your sales staff to access merchandise in cabinets and fixtures with the tap of an RFID card. No more fumbling for keys or lost sales opportunities while searching a back room to find an item for a customer.

Senseon™ saves time for your sales staff by freeing them to maintain line-of-sight with the customer during the entire shopping experience. Your business benefits from increased face time with customers, fewer obstacles to closing sales, the ability to display more merchandise securely in your showroom and more trust from shoppers.

Retail applications include:                                                                                                          

  • Robust and flexible cabinet-level access control                                                                                                
  • Access rights can be added or removed at any time                                                                                                
  • Managers and security personnel can be provided access to fixtures in all areas, while sales associates or after-hours restocking crews are limited to just those areas they need access to                                                                                              
  • Built-in cabinet security, without visible locks or costly re-keying hassles                                                                      
  • Automatic re-locking, reducing theft and the need for time-consuming security checks                                                              

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