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Your staff and guests can enjoy greater comfort and peace of mind with the invisible Senseon™ Secure Access system. Featuring the same superior quality and reliability you expect from Accuride, Senseon™ offers fast, easy, and secure access to cabinets and furniture with the tap of an RFID card.

In administrative areas, Senseon™ saves your staff time while protecting sensitive documents, merchandise, and supplies. Guests can also benefit from innovative options for safeguarding personal valuables such as laptops or electronics inside drawers without sacrificing stylish design.

Designed specifically for high-use environments, Senseon™ is ideal for many hospitality applications, including:

  • Safeguarding in-room valuables such as laptops, smart device and personal valuables                                                                
  • Safeguarding sensitive documents, supplies or employee items                                                                                    
  • Robust cabinet-level access control, with customized privileges for each authorized user                                                          
  • Built-in cabinet security without visible locks or costly re-keying hassles                                                                        

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