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The Senseon™ Secure Access system makes control of protected, restricted and critical items and information in cabinets and furniture more efficient and manageable than ever before. Featuring the same world-class quality and reliability that have made Accuride an industry leader, Senseon™ locks out unauthorized users while enabling rapid and secure access to those who need it most with just the tap of an RFID card. Automatic re-locking adds an extra level of protection, allowing you to leave an area quickly without compromising security.

Designed specifically for use in demanding environments, Senseon™ is manufactured to exacting standards of security, speed, dependability, and efficiency.

Government-level applications include:

  • Robust and flexible cabinet-level access control
  • Access rights can be added or removed at any time
  • Managers and security personnel can be provided access to secured cabinets in all areas, while staff is limited to just those areas they need access to
  • Built-in cabinet security, without visible locks or costly re-keying hassles
  • Automatic re-locking, reducing theft and the need for time-consuming security checks

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