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Designed specifically for high-volume commercial use, Senseon™ protects the documents, cash, and other valuables you need to do business — without obstructing or delaying authorized users. Automatic re-locking adds an extra level of security, allowing you to leave a desk or workstation quickly without manually securing every drawer and door.

In addition, keeping critical financial information secure and private in cabinets and furniture is easier than ever with the invisible Senseon™ Secure Access system. Featuring the same superior quality and reliability you expect from Accuride, Senseon™ enables fast, easy, and secure cabinet access with the tap of an RFID card. You’ll save time, be more productive, and serve customer without the hassle of constantly handling keys.

Applications for the financial industry include:

  • Controlling access to cash, stock certificates, and other valuables
  • Safeguarding sensitive client documents
  • Robust cabinet-level access control
  • Built-in cabinet security, without visible locks or costly re-keying hassles

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